2013 UNMAP – Pressures CD/LP/DL

I met the artist Mariechen Danz , who is actually from Dublin Ireland, on a dance floor in Berlin and we became close friends. after an invitation to collaborate on the second album of Bodi Bill „Next Time“, we ended up with two all-time favorite songs of the band , „Depart“ and „Soldiers

when Mariechen moved to L.A., we started to send music across the ocean to work on tracks for her art performances

in 2012 we worked out the first songs for UNMAP and formed a band (Matthias Geserick and Thomas Fietz  joined on bass and electronic drum set)

In 2013 we finally recorded a full length album at  the „Chez Cherie“-studios with the help of PC Nackt, T.Raumschmiere and Tilman Hopf.
the result is „Pressures“ and was released on Sinnbus records in fall of 2013.

we toured most of 2014 and work on another album…


2012 Dictaphone – Poems from a rooftop CD/LP/DL

i was a fan of Dictaphone long time before i met oliver doerell by coincidence. at that time they were looking for a violin player to work with, so it was just one of life’s goodwill, that we perfectly fit together from the first minute of our collaboration…to work with dictaphone is something that fulfills me until today, as the music s timeless and i am really pleased that i could become a part of that timelessness..

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2011 BODI BILL – What CD/LP/DL

„what“ is the third album of Bodi Bill in 5 years and is the last until today… i wrote and dedicated the last song on the album „friends“ to Fabian and Anton,  and we always played the song at the end of the show…i hope, that we will continue one day..

here is a video at melt festival 2011

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in 2012 bodi bill started to pause…



Bodi Bill are visitors from different times, from before or after, nevermind. They share the responsibilty they’ve been given: We have our five or six years. We have knowledge we can make use of. And we have an idea. Or two. We have the means, but even more so: We have a reason. We opted for a context to act from, and for motives as well. And for this moment. This is our contribution to an ongoing discussion. In our own words. As an immediate part of it.
That said, discontent is more than the ever-famous opportunity. Discontent with yourself, with the circumstances. Discovering the value of permanent exchange. Making use of the possibilities, knowing what is up to you to do. For the time being, let this be the result of a necessity. And a promise to take part, and to face up to it again and again. Next Time.

out on sinnbus 16.05.2008