Don’t try to be live (beat version)

here’s a 360 ° livevideo take of „Don’t try to be“ in a version with Christian Grochau on the drumset…please use the direction arrows to change position of view…you will find chris and me playing by pressing these buttons… (will not be supported in safari though)


i am very excited to announce the release of my debut record „MANKIND ANIMAL“

Miss Kenichi – Who are you (Alex Stolze Rework)


when i was asked to do a remix for Miss Kenichi, i fell in love with the intimacy of „Who are you“ and the philosophy, that occurs behind that question. i decided for an unfunctional rework with an orchestral introduction and recorded the strings one by one in my little studio room.

Andrea Huyoff draw the shooter and his opposite, the thinker, who perfectly fit to the music and especially the lyrics of the song itself. Today the drawings are part of my studio interior, to remember me always to think, before i fight…


Bodi Bill „And Patience“

by Ulf Aminde , camera by Philipp Fleischer