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Mankind Animal LP / Digital

new shows with Anne Mueller and Sebastian Reynolds

i’ll play two concerts with cellist Anne Mueller and pianist Sebastian Reynolds in February 2017  :

06.02.17 BERLIN, Roter Salon  tickets

18.02.17 HANNOVER, Feinkostlampe , tickets at the door

last show in 2016

saturday 26th of November , 10 pm we will play a duo concert in

Dresden @Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Hellerau


continental european tour impressions october 2016

live at   Leidse Shouwburg , Netherlands


———————————————————————————————————————-Paris is the final destination of this tour , where i’m going to meet my dear friend Mariechen Danz. She’s currently preparing an exhibition opening and a performance at Centre Pompidou …i am curious to see and hear, how she transforms our previous muscial work into something new…2016-10-18-09-35-41spending good times with Federico Albanese and Ercole Gentile in Dusseldorf

someone must have done a mistake while setting up the light concept at Christuskirche Dusseldorf2016-10-16-20-05-27speaking in a former nazihouse in hannover makes me spread the words against the new right winged politicians, that establish everywhere….

i am fascinated by the power of human being to create a piece of land out of muddy waters


spending a night in a pub drinking guiness with David Tapley from Dublin, IRELAND is one of the highlights on this tour 2016-10-15-00-21-43 2016-10-14-23-07-55

the peel slowly and see festival in Leiden is one of the very heartful events, i am glad to take part in…2016-10-14-16-21-56

the boom city Leipzig changed its face completely…glad to catch a cold german morning on my way to the netherlands.2016-10-14-07-06-08

Hamburg is definitely the winning city when it comes to spontaneity and humor…THANKS 2016-10-12-21-37-40-2

starting off in Dortmund with Federico Albanese and Ercole Gentile2016-10-11-20-12-15

Mankind Animal


i am very excited to announce the release of my debut record „MANKIND ANIMAL“


„DJ Mix for the South East“


The Southeast of Europe and further down southeast is the birthplace of early high developed human cultures.

open your hearts for the ones that had to flee from wars and dictatorships and who will color the pale faces of middle european citizens in the near future…


As a Violinplayer, Alex Stolze combines string-based-textures with a beat-and-noise production to write his songs and tracks. This gives him the attitude of a caveman in a high-tech environment. Before Alex started to work solo, the producer, violinist and singer was a centerpiece of the bands bodi billunmap and dictaphone. He toured most big cities in Europe as well as spending time in the art- and theatre-scenes of New York, Montreal and Zurich. He co-founded Krakatau Records, a label for experimental technosound from Berlin, Alex‘ birthplace and hometown until today. His studio though is located in the middle of nowhere, close to the Polish-German border, where he finds the right tension to create his unique music. His first Solo EP will be released on SEPTEMBER 9th 2016 on his own label Nonostar Records, distributed in UK/GER/F/NL/CH/A/BE followed by an album in early 2017. 

12.09.2016 UK  – London, SJQ, Record Release
16.09.2016 GER- Berlin, Film Festival@ Haus Schwarzenberg
11.10.2016 GER- Dortmund, Domicil w/ Federico Albanese
13.10.2016 GER- Leipzig, UT Connewitz w/ Federico Albanese

14.10.2016 NL   – Leiden, Peel Slowly Festival
15.10.2016 GER- Hannover, Lister Turm w/ Federico Albanese
16.10.2016 GER- Düsseldorf, Christuskirche w/ Federico Albanese

06.11.2016 GER- Berlin, Radialsystem

26.11.2016 GER- Dresden, Europäisches Kunstzentrum Hellerau


photos by Rosa Merk and Anna K.O

Bodi Bill „And Patience“

by Ulf Aminde , camera by Philipp Fleischer


2011 BODI BILL – What CD/LP/DL

„what“ is the third album of Bodi Bill in 5 years and is the last until today… i wrote and dedicated the last song on the album „friends“ to Fabian and Anton,  and we always played the song at the end of the show…i hope, that we will continue one day..

here is a video at melt festival 2011

buy album


in 2012 bodi bill started to pause…